The most immersive experience in Tampa Bay
Artifacts, clues, cryptology, and interactive materials guide you through exciting
experiences. Decisiveness, analytical thinking, and cunning are qualities that will help
you succeed. Do you have what it takes?
Family & Friends
Team Building Events

Escape rooms are the perfect challenge for gamers, puzzle aficionados, and people who just want to escape to another reality! A team of builders and designers replete with years of entertainment experience have joined together to create fantastic experiences for you to enjoy while you improve your skills.
Enjoy an escape experience unlike any other with your friends and family members all while trying to complete a mission. Perfect for special occasions,or just a night out. This is a great way to bond with family and non-family members and learn more about how they solve issues. Utilize each others strengths to your advantage to complete your mission.
Escape rooms are powerful tool for team-building exercises for any size company. Communication and teamwork are critical to succeed, and this immersive interactive experience is the perfect way to unite your troops! Corporate hours are 10AM-5PM M-F, call to make a reservation!
You find yourself in a world that is being taken over by the undead, Zombies! You must follow Dr. Prices' clues to deploy the chemical agent that will provide a vaccine to those not infected yet, and exterminate the Zombies . You have 90 minutes to succeed and save the world!

Max number of players: 8
“Breaking News out of Leventhal Federal Penitentiary tonight. The
inmates have taken control of the guards, and we don’t know where the
guards are or if they are unharmed, we are just now learning that 6
visitors are trapped inside. and have been chained together and are
currently located in one of the prison cells."  

A brand new escape room experience that is sure to raise the hairs on the
back of your neck. You have been trapped in a federal
penitentiary by prisoners who have overthrown the guards. It is unknown if
any of the guards are still alive, but this prison is notorious for having the most
number of murders within the prison wall. It is believed that your best
chance of survival is to escape. 

Max number of players: 6
Your team has been given the task to break into the Bellaggio Casino and
recover a chip that contains information that is of National Security
Interest. This chip had been stolen by enemy operatives and is currently
being stored in the Bellaggio Casino guest vault while the foreign
operatives devise their escape from the country. You have an hour
window to recover the chip before they return to collect it and depart with
the sensitive informaiton. 

Max number of players: 6
You wake up and you are chained to a pipe inside a basement. The last
thing you remember was renting a room at what seemed to be a nice
B&B. It looks like you are in a basement of an Old Victorian home. The
story of Dr. H.H. Holmes pops into you head and you realize that this is a
copycat killer following in his footsteps. There are torture devices all
around your surprise lodging and they look like they have been used
recently! You and the others have to find a way out and soon before you
become another trophy for this copycat killer.   Good luck and get OUT!

Max number of players: 6
415 S. Pinellas Ave.
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
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